About Us

Matt is the writer of the articles on ceilingfantips.com. He has a lot of practical knowledge of ceiling fans through personal experience. 

When moving from a place with generally cold weather to a place with high temperatures and humidity year round more than eight years ago, he started out in a small, very hot room with only a ceiling fan for some relief. 

However, that ceiling fan was almost worse than having no cooling at all. From the way it was mounted and the noises it made to the abysmal airflow it actually produced, it left a lot to be desired. 

But that poorly working ceiling fan was the start of being slightly obsessed with them and getting them to work right. 

And then he had the idea that other people might benefit from getting the same knowledge so on this website Matt shares his knowledge on ceiling fans in order for other people to get the right fan for their needs and get it to work right.

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