Best Short Blade Ceiling Fans That Work For a Small Space

Short blade ceiling fans can provide some airflow in tight spaces but they aren’t always the best. Let’s look at a few short bladed ceiling fans that are actually worth buying.

Hunter Watson

Hunter makes great fans, big or small while not costing a ton of money. They’re not cheap but definitely not the most expensive either but the quality is good. This one is 34” in diameter so on the larger side for small fans but still pretty compact. Its classic looks will go well in many interiors and will cool you down pretty well. There is a built in LED light that’s dimmable which is always a nice feature to have. 

  • 34″ Diameter
  • Dimmable LED built in
  • Classic design
  • Quiet
  • Reversible motor
  • 3 speeds

Find the Hunter Watson Ceiling Fan on Amazon.

Farmhouse Fan With LED 

Small fans don’t have to look weird and out of style. This is a really cool little fan for the right interior. It looks like a wooden old timey plane propeller that’s only 28” in diameter. It works well with the farmhouse style interior and has a built in LED light. 

It can produce up to 2950 CFM on the highest setting which is very respectable for the size. It will be a touch noisy at that speed though. What won’t be noisy is the energy efficient DC motor though. The LED is not dimmable but the bulb is replaceable so you can fit something you want. 

  • 28″ Diameter
  • 5 speeds
  • 1350 CFM on lowest speed/2950 CFM on highest speed
  • Built in dimmable LED light with replacable bulbs
  • High quality and energy efficient DC motor
  • Reversible motor

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Honeywell Ocean Breeze

A cheaper option is the Honeywell Ocean Breeze fan. It has a 30” diameter and 3 blades. It has a built in light which is dimmable which is good for the bedroom. The 30” blades mean it works well for spaces up to 10’ x 10’ or smaller. It looks modern but is not over-styled. There are three speeds and the direction is reversible so it’s usable in the summer and winter. 

  • 30″ diameter
  • Affordable
  • Available in different colors
  • Dimmable LEDs
  • LED bulbs are easily replaceable
  • 3 speed motor
  • Reversible motor

Find the Honeywell Ocean Breeze on Amazon

LUMIO Bladeless

Very small, looks great, produces a natural breeze and is very expensive. That about sums up the LUMIO.

It looks like a pretty nice, modern chandelier that works very well above the coffee or dinner table. The LED lamp is fully dimmable which is a nice plus but the biggest thing with this ceiling fan is that it doesn’t look like a ceiling fan. The edge of the chandelier rotates and designed in such a way that it doesn’t look like a ceiling fan but works like one. 

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The airflow this special design produces is more gentle than most other small ceiling fans which is more comfortable. They’re also small with 28” and 21” versions being available. Looking for a nice ceiling lamp that produces a nice breeze? This is the fan you’re looking for. 

  • 28″ or 28″ versions available
  • Great design
  • Built in LED that’s dimmable and can change color temperature
  • Extensive remote control that controls; Speed, timer, light dim and light color.
  • Available in; white, black and gold
  • 6 speeds
  • Quiet
  • Moves a surprising amount of air

Find the LUMIO bladeless fan here on Amazon


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