Can You Install A Ceiling Fan Without the Light Kit? 

Do you have a ceiling fan that comes with a light kit and are wondering if it’s possible to remove this kit from the fan without issues? Here’s what you want to know. 

Not all ceiling fans can be installed without the light kit. Ceiling fans that can be installed without the kit will have an easily removable kit (2-3 screws) and come with a replacement cover. Also make sure to properly cover and secure the light kit wires. 

Let’s go a little deeper into the details below. 

Can A Ceiling Fan Be Installed Without Light Kit?

Some ceiling fans have a light kit that comes with it when you buy it. Sometimes you have to buy it separately but new fans that have the option to add a light kit often come with one attached already. For clarity, the light kit is simply the lamp(s) that’s attached under the ceiling fan. It’s called a kit because if you buy it separately, it comes with everything you need to attach it to the fan, light socket, cover, etc. 

Usually people like the light kit since a ceiling fan takes up a junction box that could otherwise be used for a lamp. However, there are situations where you don’t want that light kit on there. Sometimes it doesn’t look good, it doesn’t fit in your decor, it hangs too low or a number of other reasons. 

In those cases, you probably want to take the light kit off your ceiling fan. Can you just buy any fan you like and take the lights off? There are roughly three types of fans in this regard;

  • Ceiling fans with permanently built in light kit
  • Ceiling fans with removable light kit
  • Ceiling fan without light kit option

The ones that have a light kit built in permanently, don’t have the option to remove it. Sure, you could probably cut it off with an angle grinder and cover up the damage but this won’t look very good at all and you might do some damage that is irreversible. 

Ceiling fans that don’t have the option to add a light kit obviously don’t have one so there is nothing to be removed. 

The important type is the one that does have a removable light kit. 

How do you know if your ceiling fan has a removable light kit? It’ll tell you in the user manual. If you bought a new fan, you should still have the manual which tells you if this is possible. If you don’t have the manual, you can probably find it online if your fan is from an established brand. In case you can’t find anything about this, you’ll have to take the fan off the ceiling and take it apart. Are there any screws holding the light kit onto the fan? 

Most light kits are removable with some simple screws. You’ll have to take the covers off to see if there are any in the first place. 

However, it doesn’t really end by taking off the kit. You want to take it off but after that, the fan should still work properly and it should look ‘normal’. That means all the wires have to be properly and safely covered up as well as the attachment points. That means you’ll need a different cover for the bottom of the fan assembly. If there is none for your fan (either in the box or available from the manufacturer), you’ll be left with a messy looking and potentially dangerous ceiling fan. 

So, if your ceiling fan has a light kit that’s easily removable with some screws and there is a replacement cover available that covers everything up, you can install it without the light kit. If it’s permanently attached or there is no replacement cover, it’s better to use a different fan. 

Ceiling fan with integrated light kit.
Ceiling fan with integrated light kit.

How To Install A Ceiling Fan Without Light Kit

So if you can install a ceiling fan without the light kit largely depends on the ceiling fan you’ve got. If the kit is easily detached from the fan and there is a replacement cover to cover up the holes left where the screws and wires go. 

If you’ve got both of these things here is how to remove the light kit from your fan.

  • Turn off the power. You’re dealing with the inside of an electrical appliance, don’t take any risks. 
  • Find the screws that hold the light kit on the fan. This could be under a cover. 
  • Detach the light kit from the fan. 
  • Detach the wires from the light kit
  • Make sure the wire ends are covered securely so they can’t make contact anywhere. Electrical tape works but make sure to use it right and use high quality tape so it doesn’t fall off. 
  • Tuck the wires into the housing and make sure they can’t get tangled up when the fan is running. 
  • Install the replacement cover
  • Turn the power back on.

The above is of course for ceiling fans that are already installed but the procedure is pretty much the same for new, uninstalled ceiling fans. 

Making sure the exposed copper of the wires is covered up properly is important. Exposed wires could cause a short circuit which in turn can cause damage to the fan but worse; fires. Electrical tape works fine when applied correctly although you could use shrink tube as well. 


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