Recommended Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

You want to stay cool but also keep your energy bill down. Ceiling fans in general are a great way to do this but some are more efficient than others. Here are some good choices. These are great ceiling fans that work well but are also quite efficient.

Here are some high quality ceiling fans that are good for residential use and are energy efficient.

#1 Reiga 52″

52″ is a very standard size for residential ceiling fans. It’s a size most people can fit in their rooms and it provides a good balance between size, prize and airflow.

The Reiga is one of the better ones in the efficiency department while also having a nice design. It’s rated for 24 Watts but it can produce an impressive 5614 CFM which means 234 CFM/W. For a fan of this size this is very high and means you get a lot of airflow for your Watts.

The Reiga fan also has a built in LED light which is dimmable and can change color. It’s remote controlled and has a built in timer so you can leave it on to circulate air for a while and not forget to turn it off.

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#2 Monte Carlo Maveric II

A really cool fan that looks like an old school plane propeller. It’s available in different sizes but let’s take a look at the 52″ version.

It only uses 18 Watts but can produce 3807 CFM for a pretty good 208 CFM/W. It has wooden blades that can be finished in an array of different colors to fit in pretty much any interior style. It’s damp rated so it can be used indoor as well as in a garage or covered patio. The controls are done by an included remote control.

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#3 Big Air 72″

Need something bigger that can move more air? This Big Air 72″ fan is great for large living rooms and even other places like garages. It uses 35 Watts which doesn’t seem that low but consider this is a much larger fan than the others. It can move a whole lot more air than any of the ones above.

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At the maximum setting it can move over 10,000 CFM. Suddenly that 35 Watts is looking pretty good. That’s about 290 CFM/W which is a very good rating. On top of that these fans have a very sturdy construction and nice industrial but clean design. Not everyone can fit a fan this large but if you can, it’s well worth a look.

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CFM/W And Efficiency

We’re mainly looking at CFM/W here. CFM means: Cubic Foot per Minute. W means: Watt. So this rating is an indication of how much air a fan moves per consumed unit of electricity. So clearly a higher CFM/W rating is better since this indicates efficiency.

However, there are some nuances you should know. Reading this article will give you a better insight.


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